These notes are a summary of the essential background to the changes in HEPA & ULPA filter standardisation.

A more complete report and explanation can be found in the CCN Member Resources section of this site. 

The new standard ISO 29463 has its roots in EN 1822, and defines 13 different filter classes ranging from ISO 15 E to ISO 75 U.

There are many standards for HEPA filters. Intended to provide clarity in this maze of standards, ISO 29463 is derived from EN 1822, which defines the EPA, HEPA and ULPA filter classes commonly found in industrial use.

ISO 29463 maintains the filter designations EPA, HEPA and ULPA while replacing filter classes E10-E12, H13-H14 and U15-U17 with the following 13 filter classes:

DesignationFilter Groups according ISO 29463EPA Filter (efficient particulate air filter)
EPA (efficient particulate air filterISO 15 E - ISO 30 E
HEPA Filter (high efficiency particulate air filter)ISO 35 H - ISO 45 H
ULPA Filter (ultra low penetration air filter)ISO 50 U - ISO 75 U

The new ISO 29463 does not replace all of the EN 1822 standard. EN 1822-1:2019 will continue to be valid, and means the HEPA and ULPA filter grade designations we are familiar with are retained.

In the UK BSI publishes the BS EN versions BS EN 1822-1:2019 and EN ISO 29463 Parts 2-5:2018 have been published in this way?

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