Cleanroom Accurate Particle Sampling

New Technical Report ISO/TR 14644-21 Explores Sample Probe, Tubing and Particle Counter Placement for Accurate Particle Sampling.

The Contamination Control Network is keen to make you aware of the publication of a new technical report, ISO/TR 14644-21, which delves into the physical limitations of probe and particle counter placement, along with the relevant factors that contribute to achieving representative samples of airborne particles.

Understanding the Technical Report's Focus ISO/TR 14644-21 Overview

This is a Technical Report and not an International Standard, and it focuses on the challenges and uncertainty associated with collecting a representative sample of particles measuring ≥5,0 μm and macro‑particles, and measures that can be taken to reduce that uncertainty. It provides valuable insights for industries where the control and monitoring of such particles are crucial. This highly anticipated document aims to identify the challenges and best practices in acquiring accurate particle counts while considering the real-life feasibility of counting.

Distinguishing Between Standards

This document addresses potential misinterpretation of the use of ISO14644-1:2015, C.4.1.2 in informative Annex C, where the use of a limited tubing length for sampling macroparticles has been applied beyond the context intended in ISO14644-1. It is clear in defining the key differences between classifying and monitoring. Challenges with respect to sample tubing lengths and configurations are all discussed in the report.

Supplementary and Informative Complementing Existing Standards

A key feature of the report is the inclusion of a decision tree, designed to assist users in determining the appropriate sampling configurations and assessing whether further evaluation is necessary. The decision tree takes into account various factors essential for classifying and monitoring airborne particles. Additionally, practical examples are provided within the report to illustrate common application challenges and demonstrate how the decision tree can be effectively utilised.

It is important to note that ISO/TR 14644-21 is intended to complement existing standards, namely ISO 14644-1 and ISO 14644-2. As an explanatory document, it does not delve into measurement methods, which are comprehensively covered in ISO 14644-1 and ISO 14644-2. Instead, ISO/TR 14644-21 serves as an informative guide to aid users in making informed decisions regarding sampling configurations in both new and existing systems.

ISO/TR 14644-21's Impact on Accurate Particle Sampling

Experts from various disciplines have collaborated to develop this technical report, ensuring that it encompasses the latest knowledge and insights in the field. The Contamination Control Network was fortunate to have one of its committee members as part of the team of experts preparing the Technical Report.

The release of ISO/TR 14644-21 marks a significant milestone in the continuous improvement of particle sampling practices and contributes to the global efforts in maintaining high standards of cleanliness in controlled environments.

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